Poundland hits out at Bucks County Council cabinet member "Maybe you should dwell on what your tweet says about you"

Warren Whyte was berated by Poundland this week
Warren Whyte was berated by Poundland this week

A councillor and cabinet member has been asked by retailer Poundland 'to dwell on what his tweet says about him' when he hit out at the retailers decision to put Christmas merchandise on display this week.

In response to Conservative Councillor Whyte's initial tweet - which said: "It's the first week of September and I'm not sure if I'm looking at Christmas 2018 or Christmas 2019 stock.

"Either way it's wrong."

The Poundland social media issued a swift and brutal response.

They posted a mock email to their Twitter site which read: "Dear Councillor Whyte,

"We couldn't help but notice you tweeting your indignation at us putting some of our Christmas merchandise on display this week.

The message to Cllr Whyte from Poundland

The message to Cllr Whyte from Poundland

"While we're delighted you came into our store, I'd remind you that while you represent what some might view as a relatively affluent part of the UK, I'm sure some of your constituents, like millions across the country, value the opportunity to spread the cost of Christmas.

"While I'm sure councillor you have no trouble paying for everything in one heave of your gold card, we stand for those who perhaps need a little help spreading the burden.

"Perhaps you should dwell on what your tweet says about you

"Love, Poundland."

Councillor Warren Whyte is head of Children's Services at Buckinghamshire County Council, and has recently overseen the closure of 19 Children's Centres.

The service, which is currently on an 'improvement journey' was judged as 'inadequate' by Ofsted in 2018.

As of their last report, Ofsted said it is making 'steady progress' after a interim report in June 2019.

In response, Councillor Warren Whyte said he had had some 'interesting responses' to the Poundland tweet.

He tweeted:

"I’m having an interesting time with @poundland responses this afternoon!"

He then made a thread of tweets giving thrifty advice to constituents and followers, saying:

"1. Christmas is not defined by a £1 novelty

"2. I love Poundland for USB cables, great crisps and more

"3. Buying random cheap stuff is great, but think of the environmental impact

"4. Consider a charity shop pact - my family thoroughly [sic] enjoy the challenge of spotting appropriate, fun or plain silly gifts- not only does this re-use something that is unwanted, it can make your money go further and it raises valuable contributions to charities

"5. If you do have the money to spare, consider buying an additional present and support your local toy appeal, like out fantastic Buckinghamshire one.

"6. Why not visit your local church and see what projects they have over Christmas that you could support."

The Twittersphere however, was not amused.

Jo Preston tweeted: "The amount of people who work in government who apparently represent their areas, are so out of touch with the problems their constituents face is worrying."

Christine tweeted: "Does Poundland stock burn cream? That was brutal."