Police force issues home security advice for holidaymakers in Bucks

stock image police
stock image police

Checking that doors are double locked, leaving on a radio and locking the garden gate are just some of the tips that Thames Valley Police have issued to holidaymakers ahead of the summer season.

The force says that holiday periods increase the chances for opportunist burglars.

Here's a list of the tips:

Check that you’ve double locked all your doors and windows and put keys away. If you have an alarm, make sure that you set it.

Lock your garden gates with a good quality padlock and lock tools and ladders away.

Use lights on timer switches and consider leaving a radio on, tuned in to a talk station. Lights can also be purchased that imitate the flickering light of a TV.

Think about what you are advertising on social media. If you ‘check-in’ at an airport or other holiday destination, make sure it’s not a public post - this information could be very useful to an opportunist criminal!

Tell a trusted neighbour that you are going away and get them to check your home and move post away from the front door. Make sure they have your contact details in case of a problem. Maybe ask them to open and close your curtains.

Ask a friend or neighbour to park on your drive and make sure that your bin is put out and then brought back in.

Cancel the milk and papers if you have them delivered.

A spokesman for the force said: "We hope that you enjoy your holidays and if you follow this advice it will greatly reduce the chances of an opportunist burglar visiting you while you’re away!"