Planning at the heart of new Aston Clinton Parish Council website

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Aston Clinton Parish Council has unveiled a new website, which makes it easier than ever for residents to view planning applications.

The village, which for many years has been the subject of unprecedented development, now has a site which provides easy access to the AVDC planning portal.

The website also contains useful information about the running of the Parish Council, details committees and councillors, events details and contact information

The parish council has said that it will update the website regularly to keep residents 
informed of any changes to local services, along with news of upcoming events in Aston Clinton.

One Aston Clinton resident said: “This new website, is really good and has a section on planning applications, which is very helpful as it takes 
you to the planning portal in a jiffy.”

The new site comes at a time when campaigners are asking residents to comment on an application for 87 new homes on College Road South in the village.

To view the website go to