It went off with a loud bang! ©Amanda HawesIt went off with a loud bang! ©Amanda Hawes
It went off with a loud bang! ©Amanda Hawes

Pictures show thousands enjoy spectacular Thame Country Fair over Easter Bank Holiday

Thousands of people travelled across the country to attend 2022’s Thame Country Fair.

Guests who attended the two-day event which took place on Easter Sunday and the Bank Holiday Monday on April 18, enjoyed a spellbinding mix of entertainment activities.

With the sunny weather and large numbers of guests, Living Heritage Events say it was the best show for at least half a decade.

Early estimates suggest that between 12,000 and 15,000 people attended the event in total.

Among the startling shows put on for guests at the long-running festival by the Stannage Stunt Team was a quad biking performance which included one stunt driver jumping over his father.

An exploding coffin also caused controlled chaos sparking a large fire engulfing a huge part of the country field.

One quirky performance was horse-boarding, where experienced riders dragged around a skateboarder who used a highly powered board to build-up speed.

Beyond the athletic and daring shows, people could explore the craft village and food section.

Stalls were erected promoting the work of exhibitors, craftsmen, and local businesses, food was on offer from local and national food and drink producers.

Wines, cheese, pies, meats, cakes, and much more could be purchased.

Children’s entertainment was also put on at the show which has ran in nearby Aylesbury for over 20 years.

Mark Hume from Living Heritage Events told The Bucks Herald: “It was very successful.

“It was just like it used to be five or six years ago. We’ve had a bit of a rough ride since then, with bad weather and Covid, and everything else.

"It was like going back in time which was really quite nice, we had the perfect weather, not too hot.

"People just went with the flow and are very keen to get out.”

You can relive the fun via our photo gallery below, photos came from Amanda Hawes

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