PCSO Georgina Locke is Buckinghamshire's strongest woman!

PCSO Georgina Locke is one Police Officer you don't want to mess with, as she scooped the prestigious Buckinghamshire's Strongest Woman last week.
Georgina wins first place!Georgina wins first place!
Georgina wins first place!

This is on top of a fantastic performance at Britain's Strongest Officer, which she scored another first place in the Under 75KG competition.

Georgina said: "I've always been into weightlifting. Me and my dad used to watch World's Strongest Man on television, and I always wanted to get involved and see if I could do it too.

"I started taking my training seriously about two or three years ago, training under the tutelage of Jordan Devanney at Devanney's Gym in Aylesbury.

Police Community Support Officer Georgina LockePolice Community Support Officer Georgina Locke
Police Community Support Officer Georgina Locke

"He is a great guy, knows his stuff and has really helped with my development as a weightlifter.

"The groups we work with are really supportive, Jordan never lets you miss a session and knows how to motivate us. He's very calm even when we are all stressing out!"

Georgina said that being a weightlifter has led to her having more confidence in her job as a police officer, as she feels she's equipped to handle dangerous situations.

"Going into work as a full time officer soon, I definitely feel confident I'm my ability to do the job. I can't wait to get started now!"

Jordan: "Georgina trains very hard with our strength team, which runs four times a week from Monday Friday. On top of this, she attends the strong woman session on Sunday too.

"She's got a great attitude to training. She's very committed. In strength training as you get stronger, progression is slow, so you have to be very committed. Georgina is very dedicated and has been doing it for ages.

"We wanted to give Georgina more freedom to discover just how strong she is. She's much stronger than she thinks and hopefully she'll keep getting stronger!

"She's done so well, we're all thrilled for her! She's a great person to have in our team, they all work together and help motivate each other and that's fantastic to see. This is an integral part of what we do here.

"Hopefully she will compete in the UK strongest Natural later this year, a slightly bigger competition - If she can keep her focus up throughout the year she'll definitely be up there and could clinch top spot!"

Georgia competed last Sunday at Buckinghamshire's Strongest Woman, which was split into five events, including: As many 95kg deadlifts as possible in one minute, a medley event including a 100kg duckwalk onto a platform, a superyoke 140kg distance sprint, a log lift and a farmers hold, where participants held up two weights for the longest time possible.

Georgia said: "It was great to get back to competing. I've had some time off due to a family illness late last year, so to come back and win was an amazing feeling.

"I booked Monday off following the event, but actually didn't feel too bad! Just a sore hamstring.

"I'd like to say thanks to all of the other female competitors at the event, they are a fantastic bunch of people and can't wait to see them all again at the next competition.

"I'm really proud of what I've achieved, it just goes to show that hard work pays off."

She currently trains two hours a day and works as a PCSO for Thames Valley Police.

She trains with a group of bodybuilders, mainly men in the week and on Sunday trains with strong-women.

Georgina has been a PCSO for one and a half years now, and is soon to be selected as a full time officer on the force.