Parents left in the dark after building works delay kids’ first day at William Harding Combined School

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Confused parents have hit out a primary school after building work has delayed the start of the school term.

According to Bucks County Council’s website, pupils who go to William Harding Combined School in Aylesbury will now return to school on Wednesday, September 7 instead of the planned Monday, September 5.

But this news has not been communicated to hundreds of parents, who have now taken to the school’s private Facebook group to air their annoyance at the school’s lack of contact after a member posted an article from the Mix 96 website.

One mum, who wished the remain anonymous, said: “We haven’t heard anything from the school, no emails, no texts, no phone calls, nothing. As far as we’re concerned, everything was hunky dory and the children were going back on Monday.”

The anonymous parent, who has one son at the school on Hazlehurst Drive, said: “It’s all kicking off because there are a lot of parents who work, and now they’re having to arrange two extra days of childcare.

“One of my friends was set to go back to work on Tuesday, but now she’s got to sort out an extra day of childcare.

“How hard is it to send out an email? It would only take the click of a button. I think a lot of people will still turn up on Monday, because not everyone has Facebook. It’s going to have to be word of mouth. A lot of people are going to be angry.”

The building work, which has been ongoing all summer, is combining the infants and juniors building and adding more classrooms to the site, meaning the school will be able to cater for even more pupils.

However, there is no information on the school’s website regarding the extended closure. There is also no answer from the school office besides a recorded answerphone message, which says it will reopen on September 5. This contradicts the information available on the Bucks County Council website.

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