Our Starman waiting in the sky as campaign for Aylesbury David Bowie statue gathers pace

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The campaign to memorialise David Bowie’s contribution to Aylesbury continued apace this week.

Sculptor Andrew Sinclair, who has had work commissioned by The Queen, had a breakthrough recently when he managed to get his hands on a mask of David Bowie’s face taken 
from a mould that was taken from the star during the filming of The Man who Fell to 

The likeness will be used as Mr Sinclair creates designs for the sculpture, which will be revealed soon.

Following the vote at Aylesbury Town Council in March to fully support the creation of a statue of Bowie under the arches at the bottom of the Market Square, Friars promotor David Stopps and sculptor Sinclair were invited to make a presentation to the Aylesbury Vale District Council cabinet in April which was well received.

Last week Mr Stopps was invited to give another presentation to the Aylesbury Town Centre Partnership, which gained across the board support.

More presentations are planned for the Aylesbury Rotary Club, The Aylesbury Society and the Aylesbury Alternative Music Society.

Mr Stopps said that he would be happy to make additional presentations to any other local organisations which might be interested.

He said: “It has all been a much slower process than we had hoped but I’ve learnt that it takes a while to explain to 
everyone the enormous potential for the town that this statue will provide.

“I have been working particularly closely with Aylesbury Town Centre Manager Diana Fawcett and AVDC Head of Communications, Marketing & Town Centre Management Teresa Lane as to the best way forward. So far no one has said ‘no’ which I find very encouraging.

“Friars Square Manager Andy Margieson is working with us to position Aylesbury music memorabilia around the square, which we find very encouraging.

“As soon as we get something in writing from AVDC we can launch the crowd funding campaign. We think the statue will cost around £100,000 so it will be a big challenge.

“We would welcome support from local businesses and individuals….in fact from anywhere we can get it.

“We started a petition for the statue with a goal of achieving 2,000 signatures. This was achieved very easily. We could go on and get 10,000 if it would make any difference but we don’t think that will be necessary.”

Bowie played many times in Aylesbury, and chose the town to launch his Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust albums.

He was also instrumental in bringing other acts to Friars, including Iggy Pop, who was joined by Bowie on stage when he played.

Bowie also immortalises Aylesbury’s Market Square in his song Five Years, and contributed a costume and a special message to the Friars Exhibition at Bucks County Museum in 2014.