Opinion: Life is precious - so let’s all try and be a little kinder


I defintely think that’s my message of the week, because it’s been a funny one hasn’t it.

I’m not going to dwell on the shocking and tragic events in London - but I will say this - he wasn’t a religious man. No religion is about getting into your car and driving into innocent commuters and holidaymakers, it’s not about stabbing a police officer.

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

All religions are about tolerance and love, and living a good life, and it’s unfair to blame any religion for any actions of pure madness.

My thoughts are with all the friends and families of the victims, and all those affected.

Anyway, this week reporter Thomas and myself found ourselves in a dimly lit car park in Fairford Leys on a Monday night - why I hear you cry? To meet The Shutter Gang of course!

Anyone who looks at any kind of local social media group will be aware of the ‘legend’ surrounding these drivers, who ride in customised cars emblazoned with their banner.

They have been the butt of many jokes - and in some cases real concern has been expressed over their motives .

But here at The Bucks Herald we believe in getting to the root of the issue, so decided to meet the Shutters themselves and maybe bust a few myths in the process.

And do you know what?

Anti social behaviour this isn’t!

In a nutshell it’s some car-mad men and women, who have a shared passion meeting up to share what they have done to customise their motors. Friendship and camaeraderie, nothing more nothing less.

We put some of the stronger allegations to the 
group, and they insist that they are always dispersed by 10pm on week days, and that they have even approached our council in an effort to make their meets more 

There are plenty of things that I can think of which are more antisocial than meeting up in a car park and looking at some cool customised cars, so I really don’t think they are doing any harm at all. So let’s all try and be kinder about The Shutter Gang, let’s all just try to be kinder in general, and love one another - because that’s what living this oh so precious life is all about!