Number of people with diabetes in Aylesbury increases

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-160504-085852001

New research from Diabetes UK has shown a rise in the number of people in Aylesbury living with diabetes.

The figures have been announced this week as part of Diabetes Week, which aims to raise awareness and improve understanding of the condition.

Jill Steaton, head of Diabetes UK in the South East said: “There are now over four million people living with diabetes.

“In Aylesbury alone the number of people diagnosed has risen by 886 over the past three years.

“This is an 8.1 per cent rise compared to the national average of 5.9 per cent over the same period.

“The fact that 4,500 more people will discover they have diabetes over the next seven days is deeply concerning, and highlights the current state of the crisis.”

Many high profile supporters are backing Diabetes Week, including singer Alexandra Burke.

Alexandra’s mother has Type Two diabetes and is on kidney dialysis as a result of her condition.

Alexandra said: “The biggest misconception I feel people have around Type 2 diabetes is that it can be left and not treated.”