NOSTALGIA: It was all about the ducks in Aylesbury town centre

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-160512-050241005

Shortly after the second phase of Friars Square opening in 1969 the covered area outside Woolworth’s and Sainsbury’s was enhanced by the addition of four giant models of birds.

Being a child of the 1970s, I can well remember climbing all over them and going inside too. They had a pungent smell to them which could have been urine or maybe it was from the material they were made of.

Oddly though, it didn’t seem to dissuade countless children from enjoying them.

Parents would often leave them there while they went and did their shopping.

Times certainly have changed as it is unlikely that parents would do that these days. When Friars Square was redeveloped in the early 1990s these birds were removed.

One of the ducks was saved and displayed outside Aylesbury United’s football ground in Buckingham Road for a few years.

One is currently in the front garden of a house in Southcourt but as for the other two, what happened to them?