NOSTALGIA: High Street showing a different character

Edwardian scene PNL-151019-160729001
Edwardian scene PNL-151019-160729001

This Edwardian view of the High Street shows echoes of its former residential status.

Many of the buildings still had their front gardens with neat brick walls and iron 

On the right is a sign for building firm Ward & 
Cannon whose yard was there. The Pavilion cinema was later built on that site.

It became the Granada in 1947 and is now a bingo hall.

On the opposite side of the street on the far left is Ethel Smith’s millinery (hats) shop. The double-bayed Victorian house next to there was private and the house set back a bit and partially obscured by a tree was the home of James Bradford the ironmonger.

His shop and two large warehouses were in Kingsbury. When those buildings were demolished and replaced with Market House he converted his house into business premises. The building still survives and is now occupied by Ashco.