No musical disasters at promoters’ latest Limelight offering


Structured Disasters are back, to present a concert at the Limelight Theatre Aylesbury.

On February 13, the upcoming promoters will put on the noise group Sly & The Family Drone.

The band, which use only drums and processed casettes describe themselves as a primal orchestra of drum rhythms.

And to add a little bit of audience participation, drums will be passed out so that gig-goers can get involved with the experimental sound.

Co-organiser Mark Browne, said: “This is not to be missed. In support are Aylesbury favourites Turnstone and Lust Rollers.

“Turnstone (previously Beardmore) will be presenting their first gig with their new name, although the music will still be the heavy hitting, blues infused heavy metal you’d expect from them.

“As usual my band Lust Rollers are putting together a special performance for this occasion.”

Lust Rollers mix a chaotic instrument set up with a ‘sense of adventure, the bizarre, theatre, virtuoso and the inept in equal proportions’.

Mark added: “This will be an exceptional evening, appealing to a rock and blues audience that wants something a little different.”