Next Vinyl on Wednesdays gig revealed after glorious return in Aylesbury last month

Following our packed-to-the-rafters return last month with a tribute to much-loved Aylesbury music legend Colin Keinch, Vinyl On Wednesdays is lining up a stellar procession of events for the rest of 2022.

By Kris Needs
Friday, 1st April 2022, 9:36 am
Updated Tuesday, 5th April 2022, 9:25 am

Happening at The Hop Pole on April 6, 'One For The Road' will feature Charlie Hart, Ronnie Lane's multi-instrumentalist right hand man in Slim Chance, honouring the late Faces legend with his bespokely-conceived acoustic set, complimenting our featured LP One For The Road.

Many will remember Charlie from May 2019's V.O.W. when we broke away from featuring one album at our monthly event by presenting musicians who'd appeared on a featured album playing songs from it.

Accompanying himself on accordion and fiddle, Charlie and guitarist Steve Simpson held our largest crowd to date spellbound featuring songs from various stages of their late band-mate's career, sadly curtailed when he succumbed to MS in 1997.

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Guest columnist Kris Needs

This time, Charlie will be fresh from playing with the acoustic Who at the Royal Albert Hall, Ronnie Lane's April Fool's Day birthday bash in Esher and another Pete Townshend event in London.

He will be revisiting songs from his old comrade's catalogue straddling the Faces to Slim Chance, also sharing memories in the grand V.O.W. tradition.

We'll also be joined by Aylesbury scene veteran Rupert Williams, who made 2006's acclaimed documentary The Passing Show: The Life and Music of Ronnie Lane, and precipitated 2019's extravaganza.

It was thanks to Rupe I got to know Charlie when I contributed liner notes to the Ronnie Lane boxset Just For A Moment: Music 1973-1997.

Starting with hearing classic songs played by a musical virtuoso there at their inception, this promises to be an unforgettable evening at our new home the Hop Pole.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Charlie Hart will no longer be able to attend. So the next one is going to be about Bob Marley. I had the honour of being the last person to ever interview the legend before he died and will be talking about that.

It'll be followed by a Rolling Stones special in May featuring my old mate Alan Clayton, who I first met in Keith Richards hotel room in 1984 and has led the mighty Dirty Strangers ever since, launching his solo tour.

In no particular order yet, further events will be devoted to Ladies In Punk, The Orb, Bob Marley, The Gun Club, Andrew Weatherall and hopefully a very special night with my old friend Irvine Welsh who I reunited with last week.

All I can say is, it’s good to be back.