New data shows Bucks residents' travel habits in 2021

Staycations were a necessity for Bucks travellers in 2021

By James Lowson
Friday, 7th January 2022, 12:46 pm
Updated Friday, 7th January 2022, 12:48 pm

New data has revealed the travel habits of Bucks residents in 2021, covering spending, accommodation preferences and favourite destinations.

In 2021, unsurprisingly people in Bucks prioritised UK-based travel locations.

Covid-testing uncertainty, changing Government red lists, and additional costs, added extra stress to any potential holidays abroad.

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Analysis from holiday rental company, HomeToGo, which can be accessed in greater detail here, shows eight of the 10 most searched holiday locations in Bucks, were in the UK.

The 'year in review' analysis provided by the rental company, investigated: top search terms, must-have amenities, accommodation type preferences and average nightly spend.

Buckinghamshire was one of 40 counties the company has assessed in its report.

Connoisseurs of Cosiness

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Travellers from Buckinghamshire strongly favoured the cosy environment of a cottage rental in 2021.

A cottage was the most frequently selected type of accommodation amongst holidaymakers from Bucks, followed by chalets in second place and cabins and apartments in joint third.

Dog Devotees

Bucks residents showed devotion to their dogs in 2021, with “Pets allowed” taking the top spot as the most frequently used filter.

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Once pets were taken care of, optimistic users looked for homes containing a pool, 'hot tubs' was also a popular search term.

Ten most searched destinations by Bucks holidaymakers

1. England

2. United Kingdom

3. Cornwall

4. Dorset

5. Devon

6. Wales

7. Spain

8. Norfolk

9. France

10. Scotland

Between the budget travellers and big spenders

HomeToGo guests from Bucks spent an average of £193.73 per night for holidays in 2021.

Elsewhere, travellers from Surrey took the title of 2021’s biggest spenders with an average booking value of £228.86 per night while, with an average of £143.67, holidaymakers from Cornwall had the lowest average spend.