New Aylesbury Foodbank figures show stark reality of the cost of living crisis

Aylesbury Foodbank has released new figures showing just how much the cost of living crisis is changing lives in the town.

By James Lowson
Tuesday, 5th July 2022, 11:57 am

In May more people used the food bank than in the entirety of 2017, showing just how starkly rising costs are making people struggle to make ends meet.

Back in November 778 people visited Aylesbury’s food bank, of them 223 were children.

Overall, 7,002 emergency food parcels were produced that month, in comparison 6,705 meals were prepared in a 12-month period covering 2016 and 2017.

Aylesbury Foodbank

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A spokesperson for Aylesbury Foodbank said: “It is clear to see the work of Aylesbury Foodbank is being needed more and more.

"Thanks to the stellar work of our supporters, donations have been increasing every month.”

It remains a tricky balancing act for the not-for-profit service while 13,121kg worth of goods were sent in over the past three months, the foodbank gave out 17,618kg of food to clients.

Heather-Joy Garrett, the manager of Aylesbury Foodbank said: “As the cost-of-living crisis is made worse by the fuel crisis, people will be forced to choose more and more between essentials such as food, fuel, rent.

"Even then, parents may skip meals to keep their children fed.

"Now, more than ever, the work we do is needed to support people through personal and national crisis.”

To support this invaluable service Mayor of Aylesbury, Councillor Tim Dixon, has issued the “10 Tonne Challenge”, asking the people of Aylesbury to contribute 10 tonnes to Aylesbury Foodbank during his year in office.

People looking to donate to the centre can contribute to drop-off stations at Tesco Broadfields, the Waitrose in Aylesbury, Quainton Stores, Broadmoor Farm, Dead Universe Comics, Legacy Funeral Directors, Aylesbury Library, The Waterside Theatre, the Queens Park Art Centre.

Councillor Dixon announced the food bank as one of his sponsored charities alongside new start-up Emmett’s Genies.

Those who can help out are asked to keep providing: milk, fruit juice, and tinned fruit and vegetables to the food bank.

The food bank is on the lookout for more consistent, long-term support from providers both in terms of food and financial help.