Mums united for photo blog

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A mum who blogs on the perils and pitfalls of parenthood is reaching out to others with a unique photography project.

Poppy Carter, 25, lives in Berryfields with her eight-month-old daughter Isla and her partner Barney, 34.

Since becoming a mum professional photographer Poppy has kept a blog at which offers advice and support for other new mums.

The issue of breast feeding was a big one for Poppy in her own child rearing experience, and next week she will begin a photography project which captures breast feeding mums from all walks of life with children of ages up to four.

Poppy, who hosted a Breast Feeding Cafe event at her home today to raise awareness and create a talking shop for like-minded mums, said: “When I had Isla I found breast feeding very isolating and ended up expressing milk.

“Before I didn’t know how difficult it would be. I think this can be the same for a lot of first time mums, and a lot of times advice from lots of different midwives can be conflicting.

“The Breast Feeding Cafe event was about sharing experiences and advice over a cup of tea and some cake and saying ‘yes, it does suck sometimes’.”

Poppy’s blog, inline with her profession is very photography orientated, and the mum is looking forward to getting stuck in to her latest project.

She said: “The breast feeding photography project features mums with children all of ages, from newborn up to three or four years old.

“The thinking behind it is that the more people see things like this the less strange it will become. Breast feeding is wonderful and beautiful and completely normal, and so doing it in a public place be.”

Since Isla was born Poppy has blogged for breast pump manufacturer Medela, which is behind the Breast feeding Cafe initiative.

Medela UK’s education manager and in-house lactation consultant, Sioned Hilton said: “There is no doubt that breast feeding is the best way to feed however it is not easy and it can be challenging at times. Having a good, reassuring and supportive network around you is vital.”

She added: “The Breast Feeding Cafe is an opportunity for mums to invite their mummy friends round to chat all things breast feeding – the challenges as well as those simply amazing moments. We hope the exciting event will be a wonderful celebration of breast feeding and incredible mum to mum support.”