Mum’s heartfelt thank you as friends gather for tragic Daniel’s 30th birthday

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A mum who tragically lost her teenage son 15 years ago marked what would have been his 30th birthday with his friends at the weekend.

Daniel Shir died on July 26, 2001, after falling from the upstairs window of his home in Weedon Road while leaning out of the window with a cigarette.

He was found by his devastated step-father David May on the concrete patio below the next morning.

Daniel, who attended Sir Henry Floyd School, was just 15 and a half when he died, and his close-knit group of friends were inconsolable.

But they all found comfort in spending time with his mum Alison, even inviting her to the school prom as guest of honour.

This helped Alison immensely, as has staying in touch with the group throughout key life events, such as weddings and first children.

So to say thank you, and to celebrate Daniel’s 30th birthday, Alison invited the friends to a party on Saturday.

Area manger Alison, who is mum to 23-year-old Adam who was eight at the time of his brother’s death, said: “Daniel was a bit of a challenge. He was very, very clever and was reading newspapers by the time he was six. He would do his homework in the last five minutes of class.”

She added: “After Daniel died I did a BBQ and I invited all his friends, some of them I didn’t know, but with teenage boys nobody knows them better than their friends.

“I let them choose the casket and things for the funeral. At the BBQ I left paper and pens everywhere so everyone could share their memories. It meant so much.”

And over the years Alison has shared in the lives of Daniel’s closest friends Sagar Lathia, Mena Romano and Richard Spence, who her son used to call Vinnie.

She said: “They have all done so well, Vinnie told me his restaurant just got its first Michelin Star. Sagar is a primary school teacher and Mena is now a solicitor. It’s lovely that they’ve wanted to stay in touch.”