Motorhead's artist in residence 'Krusher' Joule to speak at Aylesbury Vinyl on Wednesdays night

Kris Needs with LemmyKris Needs with Lemmy
Kris Needs with Lemmy
There are several reasons why Vinyl On Wednesdays is revisiting Motorhead at our first event of the new decade on January 8.

After last April's No Sleep Till Hammersmith playback became one of 2019's best-received VOWs, Motorhead were always in mind for a return bout in our new format that plunders a whole career rather than just one LP.

The date was clinched in October after I appeared on the panel at the launch bash for BMG's reissues of Motorhead's Overkill and Bomber albums (which included a live album recorded at Friars). Perched next to me at Lemmy's favourite St Moritz bar on Wardour Street was my old friend 'Krusher' Joule, who I first met when he was Motorhead's artist-in-residence and Lemmy's confidante during the golden run with "the classic lineup" of Lem, guitarist 'Fast' Eddie Clarke and drummer 'Philthy Animal' Taylor.

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Throughout that whole Ace Of Spades-No Sleep-Iron Fist period, Krusher was also tasked with driving Lemmy around London to various dodgy locations and I was writing a Motorhead book that never came out, so we were both on the front line until things started falling apart in the early 80s.

As the Q&A progressed, Krusher and I's memories of our beautifully-insane times in the eye of Motorhead's inimitable hurricane started flowing, other panel members struggling to get a word in as some kind of rock 'n' roll Morecambe and Wise double act started taking shape, laughter erupting frequently.

I immediately suggested to Krusher we do the same again at VOW, this time uninterrupted and allowed to run wild. He agreed immediately.

The evening will inevitably be tinged with sadness at losing our dear friends Lemmy, who passed away on December 28 2015, Philthy, who 'd gone the previous November, and Fast Eddie, who died on January 10 2018; leaving no surviving members of one of the mightiest bands ever to stalk the planet. Krusher and I will be paying them suitable tribute but, in the immortal spirit of Motorhead, it can only be a hoot of the highest order.

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Before Christmas, I had a meeting at BMG about writing a booklet for autumn's colossal reissue of Motorhead's Ace Of Spades, which I saw being recorded at a Rickmansworth studio. It won't end here....

We already have at least three very exciting events confirmed and awaiting their shuffle in the calendar.

By popular demand, Blondie will be getting the VOW treatment in February. Happy new year!

Vinyl on Wednesday takes place on Wednesday, December 8 at the Temple Street Wine Bar in Aylesbury. From 7.30pm. Entry costs £3 and sound is kindly provided by Aylesbury Music.

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