Most accessible party ever in Vale Park to celebrate the Paralympics

Heritage Flame Ceremony PNL-160817-171850001
Heritage Flame Ceremony PNL-160817-171850001

Disabled people who would not normally be able to enjoy the fun of the fair will now be able to - thanks to a completely accessible town event.

The Paraympic Heritage Celebration in Vale Park will be one of the most disabled-accesible events ever held in Bucks, and possibly even the UK.

That’s according to joint organisers Bucks Disability Service (BuDS) who are 
working closely with Aylesbury Town Council on the event.

Chair of the trustees at BuDS, Andrew Clark, said: “BuDS’ mission is to remove barriers which prevent disabled people and their families and friends from enjoying events like everyone else.

“People often think we mean physical barriers like insufficient Blue Badge parking, or rough grass, but simple things like occasionally turning down the music and lights on a funfair removes a barrier for autistic people by giving them a less intense environment. We’ve tried to think about how all disabled people can easily enjoy this event, whatever their disability or health condition. We’re proud of the level of accessibility Aylesbury Town Council, AVDC and BuDS have achieved at this event, but the fact that we’ve taken such special measures just shows how many barriers disabled people normally face in their everyday lives.”

Accessibility features at the event include extra parking, a trackway over grass, a lower sensory quiet room, a dedicated viewing area and larger print programmes.

The event starts at 6pm with the Parade of Light due to start at 8pm. It is free to attend. To find out more search @flamecelebration on Facebook.