Miracle as hug with baby saves mum when her heart stopped beating

Holli Cheung with her husband Jason and baby son Jordan
Holli Cheung with her husband Jason and baby son Jordan

A new mum who almost died from a terrifying viral infection was ‘brought back to life’ as her baby slept beside her.

Holli Cheung, 36, found out she was pregnant with son Jordan a few weeks after moving to Aylesbury last year.

She and husband Jason were delighted to become parents for the first time, but their joy turned to drama when Holli fainted on New Year’s Day.

She said: “I visited the doctor thinking it was the flu and with no other symptoms, I was advised to go home to rest.

“Just an hour later, as I held my baby on my lap, I passed out and my son rolled off my lap onto the floor.”

Marketing manager Holli was rushed to hospital, and quickly transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham to receive emergency treatment.

She was suffering with inconsistent rhythms in her heart, and major heart failure.

Just an hour after arrival Holli suffered a cardiac arrest and underwent CPR for 45 minutes just to stay alive.

She said: “It was terrifying, I couldn’t believe this was my life.”

To help lift her spirits Holli’s husband Jason, brought baby Jordan onto the ward where he slept beside his mother for a couple of hours.

Still attached to Bi-VAD units to support her heart, Holli’s prognosis was not looking good, until that night with Jordan, when her heart miraculously started beating on its own again.

She said: “I have no idea what happened that night when Jordan slept beside me, all I know is that when the doctors and consultants came round on their ward rounds the next day, they were astonished to see my heart beating.

“Since that night, slowly but surely my heart got a little stronger and I started to recover.

“After two weeks, the Bi-VADs were removed and my heart was strong enough to function on its own again.”

It is now three months since Holli left the hospital, and she is continuing her recovery at home.

She said: “I am still recovering but I’ve come a long way. I am now able to hold Jordan and be a proper mum again.

“When I first came out of hospital I couldn’t hold him properly due to me having an operation, and as I needed rest. My mum had to continue to look after him in the initial weeks.”

Holli, her family and friends are now looking ahead, by planning to take part in the Birmingham Colour Run to raise money for the critical care unit where she was treated.