Meet one boy and his dog who are on a mission to save the world, starting in Bucks locations including Wendover Woods

Meet Baggy the Labrador and her owner Tom Hunt, 13, a dynamic duo whose research into air pollution could help prevent early deaths around the world.

Thursday, 13th February 2020, 10:36 am
Updated Thursday, 13th February 2020, 11:00 am
Baggy and Tom

Baggy, or Bagheera when she is being fancy, has taken on the science role of a lifetime, after the pair hit on the idea of using an air pollution monitor on her collar.

And the groundbreaking results will shock you.

The one year- old Labrador, who stands at the same height as a child in a pushchair, recorded data which far exceeds the standard pollution data, which is recorded at higher levels.

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Baggy checking her Facebook page

This means that youngsters are being exposed to far higher levels of pollution than previously thought.

Tom's dad Matt owns Bio Global Industries, a Buckinghamshire-based firm which specialises in alternative energy solutions. Baggy is the first dog in the UK, if not the world to be joining the fight against air pollution in this way.

And Tom and Baggy have reported their shocking data to the Government, and Bucks County Council, and their findings, which include data from the Wendover Woods nature trails, outside schools and in children's play areas show the true scale of pollution, and how children are at far greater risk than adults.

The team says that the Environment Agency are monitoring with their diffuser tubes at a much higher level, meaning that accurate data with regard to how pollution affects children, and indeed pets is hard to come by.

Baggy is the first dog in the country to be contributing data in this way

But Baggy and Tom are on a mission to change things, and they research contributes to the Plume App, which uses your mobile phone's location settings to tell you how air pollution is affecting your area.

Tom said: "I am really proud of Baggy and I think that our research is really important.

"People need to recognise that it is us young people and kids who are suffering the most from air pollution, and something needs to be done about it urgently."

When Tom's parents said he could get a dog he researched the breed and identified her at five weeks old in Durham.

Bagheera's mum is a golden Labrador who the family met when they picked Baggy up after an eight hour round trip.

And the pair are firm friends from day one, with Tom indulging all of Baggy's favourite hobbies which include swimming, tasting a wide range of foods (some of which are not for her) and long walks with her doggy pals Cash, Monty and Mazie close to the family's Asheridge home.

Tom added: "Most of the time Baggy is just like any other dog, she doesn't like the hoover and she loves to pull the stuffing out of her teddies.

"But for the rest of the time she is a super dog, and we are all really proud of her."

You can follow Baggy's progress on Facebook by clicking HERE