Matches and cigarette lighters ban for Aylesbury nuisance phone caller who badgered emergency services

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A serial nuisance phone caller has been slapped with a string of restrictions including a ban from owning matches after a police investigation.

Jamie Power, aged 27, of Belgrave Road, Aylesbury, appeared at Aylesbury Crown Court on Friday 25 May and received a CBO following a conviction for arson.

The CBO was sought after over 230 calls were made by Power to emergency services and incidents of anti-social behaviour towards neighbours, emergency personnel and NHS staff.

The order is in place until 24 May 2022 and prevents Power from the following:

* Calling the emergency services except in a genuine emergency.

* Going on to any NHS property unless for treatment or by prior appointment, if whilst on NHS property, a nurse, doctor or member of security staff require him to leave, he must do immediately.

* Behaving in a threatening, abusive or insulting way to any of the public.

* Possessing any cigarette lighter or matches.

* Hitting the walls or stamping on the floors at his home address.

* Being over the drink drive limit as determined by the road side breath test whilst in public.

In addition, he is required to attend fortnightly alcohol treatment sessions for a period of six months.

Power also received a 20 month custodial sentence, suspended for two years.

PC Andy Smith, Anti-social Behaviour Officer based at Aylesbury Police Station, said: “This case is a fine example of multi-agency working together to allow the courts to pass this sentence.

“As well as behaving in an anti-social manner towards his neighbours, Power was responsible for over 230 calls to the emergency services over a two year period. His persistent calls could have prevented genuine emergencies from being dealt with.

“I hope this order as seen as a warning to others and shows that behaviour such as this will not be tolerated.”