Master-plan published which is set 'to transform Aylesbury' over the next three decades

Aylesbury Garden Town have today published a draft of a plan to transform Aylesbury completely over the next three decades.
Cllr Bill Chapple OBE, Chairman of the Board of Aylesbury Garden TownCllr Bill Chapple OBE, Chairman of the Board of Aylesbury Garden Town
Cllr Bill Chapple OBE, Chairman of the Board of Aylesbury Garden Town

And it's authors want Aylesbury Vale Residents to have their say on how the new Aylesbury Garden Town should look.

Aylesbury was awarded Garden Town Status three years ago and the people working to produce the blueprint for the new town have said this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve the lives of the Aylesbury Community.

Since then they have produced a Draft Master-plan that sets out the aims and ambitions to transform Aylesbury Garden Town into an innovative, vibrant and healthy town that "builds on Aylesbury’s heritage and strengths and looks to its future opportunities as a Garden Town."

Residents, businesses, and the wider community are being asked to have their say on the Draft Master-plan through a public consultation that runs from Monday 6 January to Friday

14 February. The dates of these sessions are at the bottom of this article.

A copy of the Draft Master-plan is available to read in local libraries in Aylesbury, reception areas of AVDC and BCC offices and on our website together with an opportunity to provide

feedback though an online survey.

You can also download a copy of the masterplan by clicking here. Cllr Bill Chapple OBE, Chairman of the Board of Aylesbury Garden Town, said: “Aylesbury was granted Garden Town status in January 2017 and our Draft Masterplan presents what is possible for the Aylesbury Garden Town area.

"It also demonstrates our commitment to listen to people across Aylesbury as we have used feedback from residents, businesses and local groups to understand the challenges that Aylesbury will face in the future and to design an Aylesbury for everyone.

“The eight guiding principles will create a vibrant and thriving community that is green, healthy, productive and accessible and simply a great place to be.”

The eight guiding principles of the town master-plan are: Putting the town centre first, to turn Aylesbury into an innovation and investment hub, create the highest quality of life for all, create a green and healthy place to live, encourage people to stay active and healthy, create a distinctive garden community, and create a smart and sustainable garden town with 'integrated delivery'.

A number of roadshows will be held across Aylesbury throughout January so that we can share our vision for the future.

These will be held on:

-Wednesday 8 January at Stoke Mandeville Olympic Lodge Room 3, HP21 9PP, 6pm to 8pm

-Monday 13 January at 19 The Aylesbury Vale Academy Primary, HP18 OFG, 6pm to 8pm

-Wednesday 15 January at The Church on Fairford Leys, HP19 7HT, 6.30pm to 8pm

-Thursday 16 January at the Healthy Living Centre, HP21 8TJ, 9am to noon

-Tuesday 21 January at The Oculus at The Gateway, HP19 8FF, AVDC, 4pm to 8pm

-Thursday 23 January, Weston Turville Village Hall, HP22 5RW, 6pm to 8pm

-Monday 27 January at The Canal Side, HP20 1AP, 6pm to 8pm

-Monday 29 January at Watermead Village Hall, HP19 OFU, 6pm to 8pm