Man behind controversial Government race report awarded honorary degree at Buckingham university

The man behind a controversial Government-backed race report is being honoured at the University of Buckingham.

By James Lowson
Wednesday, 27th July 2022, 4:49 pm

Dr Tony Sewell lost his honorary degree at the University of Nottingham after publishing a report stating there was no evidence of ‘institutional racism’ in the UK.

In March the midlands institution withdrew Dr Sewell’s award due to its criteria which prohibits it from awarding people “who become the subject of political controversy”, after the report was condemned by some race relations groups.

While University of Buckingham officials believe the 63-year-old was a victim of cancel culture.

Dr Tony Sewell

Dr Sewell is set to receive the award in recognition of his work helping disadvantaged children progress through higher education.

Vice chancellor Professor James Tooley said: “The University of Buckingham is conferring the honorary degree on Dr Tony Sewell on the basis of merit alone. In our view he deserves this honour and hence we are giving him the award.

“The university is, however, proud of its commitment to free speech and academic freedom. We believe these are fundamental principles that should be at the basis of any university, of course, within the law.

“I am dismayed when I hear of universities that are not willing to uphold these principles in the face of opposition. It’s not my place to comment on why Nottingham saw fit to do that, but it has certainly been interpreted as making him a victim of no-platforming or cancel culture.”

Previously, the Government consultant has delivered lectures at the University of Buckingham discussing his work supporting youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds.