Lockdown: What to do in the Aylesbury Vale if you know someone who is vulnerable

Many residents of Aylesbury Vale will suffer the effects of the coronavirus lockdown more and will struggle with simple things such as getting food.
Martin Tett, leader of The Buckinghamshire CouncilMartin Tett, leader of The Buckinghamshire Council
Martin Tett, leader of The Buckinghamshire Council

But help is at hand, and the council is urging anyone who is vulnerable, or knows a vulnerable person to contact their adult social care team.

In his briefing yesterday The Buckinghamshire Council leader Martin Tett stressed the importance of keeping an eye out for the most vulnerable people, helping them if possible and alerting the council so that they can help too.

He said: "It’s so important we keep getting this information out to you.

"Our adult social care teams continue to keep checking in with all vulnerable residents we are aware of through this crisis, making regular calls, many daily.

Please do tell us if you know of someone who might need our help. You can call the Adult Social Care team on 01296 383 402."

Anyone with concerns can also connect with the online community hub, which offers advice on what support is available. Click HERE