Local pupils at the Grange School hailed as heroes after daring dog rescue

Jack Hawley and Morgann Matthews who both are in year 11 at the Grange School have been lauded as heroes after they saved a local lady's beloved pooch, Podge.

Tuesday, 10th March 2020, 1:27 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th March 2020, 1:28 pm
Left to Right - Jack and Morgann

The two are currently studying for their mock GCSE's at the moment so they were both in a rush to get to school when they spotted a dog running around on Wendover Road.

Jack is a student with a specific difficulty in spelling dyslexia and it was his idea to take action to rescue the pup after they found the Jack Russell wandering around the busy road.

Morgann knew that the dog would have some information on its collar, so encouraged Jack to to rescue the dog.

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After they rescued the dog which had been weaving in and out of traffic, they rang its owner Yvonne Tanner, who lives in Aylesbury and returned it to her house.

Mrs Tanner wrote to the Headteacher, Mr V Murray after being contacted by Mr Palmer on behalf of the students who wanted to find out that Podge was back safely.

She didn't know who the two boys who initiated the rescue mission were, so she was hoping to track them down to thank and reward them for their kind actions.

Writing to Mr Murray, Yvonne said: "On Monday, whilst driving my son to his school in Amersham I received a phone call.

"It was from a young lad who said him and a friend had rescued my dog.

"Now, I live just on the Elm Farm estate just off the Wendover Road and as you can imagine in a few minutes my dog, Podge would’ve very likely met his doom on that busy road.

"The young man I spoke to was very polite and described the situation to me.

"I was obviously very concerned about the welfare of old Podge!

"But the two young men reassured me that he was well - and I told them to go to my house with Podge and we'd work out a solution.

"They were very clever and recognised my house according to my description. I stayed on the phone and they soon informed me that my front door was wide open, so it was very fortunate they were there!

"They were so clever, and put my dog safely in my house, and shut the door behind them."

Mrs Tanner went on to say how grateful she was to these two boys - she had no idea her beloved pooch was missing and without their vital intervention he could have been gone forever.

She added: "I just want to express my gratitude to these two amazing boys. I was miles away at the time and wouldn't have been able to do anything for at least an hour, and losing podge doesn't bare thinking about."

Mr Palmer said that it was 'one of the most touching stories' he'd heard of during his 18 years at the school.

"I've worked with Jack for a few years now, and he rushed in and started telling me this story. I was initially a bit skeptical but it began to sound more and more plausible so I decided to get in touch with Yvonne.

"I was honestly so touched by both of them taking this risk to save someone's dog. It's a really heartwarming story and we're all so proud of them."