List of 20 unclaimed estates in Aylesbury Vale you could inherit if you have these surnames - how to claim

The Treasury has released a list of all the unclaimed estates in Aylesbury Vale that are waiting for someone to inherit - here’s what they are
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If you have one of these surnames you could be in the money, as the Treasury has released its list of unclaimed estates – and 20 of them are in Aylesbury Vale.

An unclaimed estate is when someone passes away without having an effective will in place, and no family comes forward to claim their estate.

When this happens, the deceased’s property will become ‘ownerless property’ and will be in possession of the Crown. However, within a 12-year period from when the Crown possesses the estate, family members can come forward if they believe they are entitled to a share of the deceased’s relative’s property.

Estates across Aylesbury Vale remain unclaimedEstates across Aylesbury Vale remain unclaimed
Estates across Aylesbury Vale remain unclaimed

For unclaimed estates before 1997, the Treasury will allow claims up to 30 years from the date of the person’s death, subject to no interest being paid on the money that is held - if the claim is received after the 12-year period has ended.

Who is entitled to an unclaimed estate?

If someone dies without leaving a valid or effective will the following relatives are entitled to the estate in the order shown below:

1.Husband, wife or civil partner

2. Children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on

3. Mother or father

4. Brothers or sisters who share both the same mother and father, or their children (nieces and nephews)

5. Half brothers or sisters or their children (nieces and nephews of the half blood or their children). ‘Half ’ means they share only one parent with the deceased

6. Grandparents

7. Uncles and aunts or their children (first cousins or their descendants)

8. Half uncles and aunts or their children (first cousins of the half blood or their children). ‘Half’ means they only share one grandparent with the deceased, not both

If you are, for example, a first cousin of the deceased, you would only be entitled to share in the estate if there are no relatives above you in the order of entitlement, for example, a niece or nephew.

Names of the unclaimed estates in Aylesbury Vale

Peter Balun of Aylesbury, Winifred Boyne of Maids Moreton, Elsie Dormer of Aylesbury, Arthur Reginald Harber of Great Missenden, David Phillip Harris of Aylesbury, Peter George Janes (AKA Peter George Arls) of Princes Risborough (born in Twyford), August Albert Kenningberg of Aylesbury Vale, Wilfred Laing of Stoke Hammond, Oleksander Lohwynenko of Aylesbury, Meinyk Matvy of Aylesbury, Giovanni Medves of Aylesbury, Malcolm Terrence Moorse of Maids Moreton, Elton Cornelius Nanton of Buckingham, Istvan Nyalka of Aylesbury, Ellen O’Shea of Aylesbury, Teodogia Pirog of Aylesbury, John Sullivan of Aylesbury, Stefan Wasylyk of Aylesbury Vale, Gerhard Wichary of Wendover, Leonard William Wood of Aylesbury.

How to claim an unclaimed estate

Anyone who believes they might be entitled to a share of an unclaimed estate should contact The Treasury on the government website.

The list is updated every working day and newly advertised estates appear at the top of the list. After one day of publication, new estates drop into the rest of the list in alphabetical order.

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