Lindengate Rest & Reflect programme has supported 1,500 people during pandemic

Lindengate Mental Health Charity is located at a stunning five-acre site, near Wendover, where nature breathes new life into anyone who is struggling with their wellbeing.

The garden lends itself to supporting people in recovery from a range of common mental health needs.

Lindengate professionals say that finding time to give yourself space can be difficult in the best of weather, but in winter, the challenge becomes even greater.

A spokesperson for the charity said: "There are many benefits to spending just a few minutes a day outdoors. Here are a few of them:


"15 minutes outdoors every day can improve both our moods and our physical health, leading to reduced stress and increased self-esteem

"Builds our immune system, as the cold weather actually kills off bacteria.

"With the current restrictions in place, we can meet up with a friend, which will improve our mental wellbeing, through social interaction."

During the past few months, Lindengate has opened its gates as part of our Rest & Reflect programme, supporting nearly 1,500 people.

The spoesperson added: "We will be continuing this support over the Winter, to ensure that our therapeutic gardens and wildlife haven are accessible to anyone who needs it. We have plenty of sheltered areas dotted about and space to meet with a friend for a chat, or to enjoy the peace, amongst the wildlife.

"Our latest project is the development of a 1.25 acre nature reserve which will be specifically a place where young people can benefit from learning about and experiencing nature in a supportive community, gaining much needed work and life skills.

"Take a look at our website for full details and other ways that you can look after your wellbeing."

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