Letters: ‘Anti-UKIP rants are just sour grapes’

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This week’s letters round up from The Bucks Herald...

Not an accessory

Why do so many drivers decide not wear seatbelts ?

Over the past month I have seen many of them doing this. The worst example was last week.

A car pulled up at a set of lights and both front seat passengers did not have their belts on,they were obviously a father and young son.

The father must be totally mad as he is not setting an example to his son as do many other drivers, the belt is there for a reason IT STOPS YOU GOING THROUGH THE WINDSCREEN. they are not a fashion accssory.

I would hope that roadside cameras will pick up miscreants who break this law.

Christopher Lowe

Address supplied

Jumping the gun

I am wondering what the motives were of the correspondent who hid behind a cloak of anonymity when penning a letter to you which you published under the heading “POLITICS - Empty words?”.

To me, it just sounded like a rant about UKIP and a lot of sour grapes. Somebody sounds very jealous about the increasing popularity of UKIP locally.

I’d just like to comment on a few of their rants.

First, they want to know when Mssrs Farage, Adams and Yerby ever voted against HS2 in Parliament.

This is rather jumping the gun with all of the people mentioned - they are not elected members of Parliament ...... YET!

There is no way that they could have voted in Westminster - we depend on our MP, David Lidington, to do that for us.

Unfortunately, Mr Lidington has valued his ministerial job above speaking up for his constituents and it is he that has let us all down by failing to turn up on every occasion when it was on the agenda in the House.

It is therefore rather rich to suggest that “local people have yet to see anything but inaction from UKIP on HS2” given Mr Lidington’s stance.

Dear correspondent, also look to the other 3 main parties who have spent the past 5 years telling us that “all parties agree to HS2” and moreover often adding insult to injury with namecalling us as “nimbys”.

It is not clear if the correspondent is for or against HS2 nor if they have done anything to oppose it, should that be their view.

I have worked hard to oppose it myself and have got off my behind to petition the Select Committee and am looking forward to being called.

I am even more looking forward to 7th May when at long last we local people will be able to let our votes do the talking about how we feel about HS2 and the undemocratic way it has been imposed on the nation.

Sue Hetherington
Member of UKIP Aylesbury Branch

Hell is other people

You have recently published letters from people who have been disturbed by other people in the cinema.

That just proves what Jean-Paul Sartre said in 1944; ‘hell is other people’.

However there is a simple solution to that problem.

Do what I do. Go and see films on the last possible day.

That way the cinema is virtually empty and you don’t get bothered by other people.

N Hayes

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Spend the cash

With reference to the pedestrian zone in the town centre, as far as I am concerned it is incomplete.

There needs to be metal posts blocking off the High Street, Market Square and Kingsbury Square. At the moment taxis, vans, lorries and cars are free to drive up these three zones.

A separate delivery zone should be built for vans and lorries who want to unload goods and products for sho premises.

Taxi passengers should disembark in Exchange Street.

The area of the town near to Tring Road Tescos, the junction that separates the Tring Road and Park Street and underpass, needs to be built.

It’s virtually impossible to cross at this particular point without encountering heavy traffic.

Also the Tring Road, Oakfield Road junction is also heavy with traffic, near to the mini Sainsburys and could be badly injured or even killed trying to cross there.

It is mainly traffic turning left from the Tring Road into Oakfield Road that causes the problem.

I feel the county council needs to spend some money here and build a pelican crossing.

Further more a bypassis needed to redirect traffic around the town edge. This is vitally important to prevent traffic congestion.

Mr M Lee

Grecian Street, Aylesbury

Rerun of the 1960s

Mr Tett, can you please explain how you can be a keen conservationist who is passionate about the past when you are destroying part of the town’s history?

It just does not make sense. I appreciate your work on Old County Hall. It is a worthwhile project.

What a pity it is that you couldn’t apply the same passion to the site at its rear. This decision to flatten the Old Police Station which stands in a Conservation Area to make way for a small car park will go down as one of the worst the council has made for years.

I mentioned that it was like the 1960s all over again. You were given a copy of my book which told the story of destruction during that decade and you could see the damage that was done by Bucks County Council then. It 
appears that little has changed.

As for the petition, you say that you listened to the people’s concerns. As I said before, I was expecting not just a response but a formal meeting to discuss the options.

Surely 2,000 people deserved more than just a draft response. What a big let down that was. During the lead up to the presentation I really thought I could change something here but it is obvious that was never going to happen.

Myself and thousands of others will not forget this sorry time. It will leave a bad taste in the mouth for years to come.

Karl Vaughan

Address supplied

Can you help out?

I live in Warwickshire and visited Tring on Wednesday 25th March.

At approximately 2.30pm I lost my camera in Tring Car Park not far from the entrance to the High Street.

I have repeatedly tried to telephone the police to see if anybody had reported finding it only to find the lines to be engaged and the only one occasion I got through I was cut off.

I have tried to email them on the address given on the telephone computer message but my email was bounced back to me. I have also tried the “Hertsreunited” website but the page does not open for me.

You are my last hope.

I would be grateful if you would put a note in the local newspaper for the Tring area asking if the finder of my Canon camera which is in two black cases would contact me on 01789 601583 and I would offer a reward for its safe return.

I am an elderly lady who is very distressed with this loss. I was only in the area for a funeral. Thank you so much.

Mary Randell



I am writing in response to the recent car park refurbishment in Tring.

Published letters miss the point. The point is the lack of joined up thinking. Yes, we all understand that highways and car parks are different pots, but the responsibility of those in charge is to make things as seamless as possible from the perspective of the general public.

I accept that this is an ideal that cannot be fully achieved, but the letters do not even acknowledge a desire to ensure that the most pressing needs are met first.

This shows a lack of understanding of the basic decision making process that we must apply when trying to decide what to do with public money.

The broader perspective should be taken – Highways needs to get its act together, and if that means moving money from borough to county, so be it. The general public should not be burdened with the detail; councillors should work together and cooperate more effectively for the common good.

Cllr Christopher Townsend

Borough councillor, Tring

Funding success

A local charity, Wendover Action Group, have successfully bid for government funding to provide a new replacement vehicle for the Wendover Community Car.

In November 2014 the Dept. of Transport announced that they would provide £25 million of funding for existing not for profit community transport schemes to purchase new vehicles.

The Wendover Action Group were notified on Thursday 26th. March that they were one of the successful applicants.

The Chairman of the charity said “We are especially pleased about the funding as the current vehicle has been providing a service to the village for almost nine years and funding replacement is a challenge.

“Local organisations like the Parish Council and the Lionel Abel-Smith Trust have been able to help us with running costs but significantly greater resources were 
needed to replace the specially equipped vehicle we operate.

“The continued operation of our service is now more secure.”

Jeremy Stevenson