Jetpack Jo a success for ex Grange pupils

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An entrepreneurial pair who quit their jobs to make their own video game say the gamble has paid off in style.

Businessman Stephen Green 25, from Elmhurst, Aylesbury, and electrician Josh Bougouneau, 25, from Tindall Road, Aylesbury came up with the idea for Jetpack Jo after their friend went on a world travelling trip.

And the adventure game, which is available on the Android and Apple stores has been a huge success, being downloaded 20,000 times in the first two weeks alone.

Stephen and Josh first met at The Grange School and have been friends ever since.

And so they can focus on their investment full time, they have quit their jobs, and Stephen has moved into Josh’s house.

Stephen said: “Our friend Jo is currently on a world tour, he’s actually doing what the character does so there is a sentimental side to it too.

“We’ve had reviews of the game from places including France, Germany, the USA and Japan.

“2016 is definitely going to be a good year, and even though we put our eggs into one basket and took a risk, it’s turned out fantastically now.”

“I’m quite a gamer myself so this is a dream come true. We are so happy with how well it is all going.”

The pair have launched an innovative competition to launch the game, in which one lucky player will win £10,000 for completing a series of challenges before January 17.

Stephen added: “When this competition is over we will start another one, and we are also looking for celebrities who would like to have a go to come forward, if they win we will donate the prize money to charity.”

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