Jess wants to inspire others after losing 7 stone in 18 months with Slimming World

Jess Levett struggled with her weight for years and despite appearing confident and full of life, inside she was unhappy with her appearance and felt like she would never be able to change her habits to achieve the body shape she had dreamt of.

By Thomas Bamford
Tuesday, 8th October 2019, 5:06 pm
Jess has lost an incredible amount of weight on her Slimming World course
Jess has lost an incredible amount of weight on her Slimming World course

But now, Jess, 28, who lives in Grendon Underwood, is a completely different woman, living life to it’s fullest after shedding a whopping 7 stones in 18 months.

She had always battled with excess weight, however Jess never knew how much she weighed as she hadn’t stepped on the scales since she was about 14 years old.

Whilst her family were healthy eaters, and her meal times at her family home were nutritional and filling, Jess would snack continuously, and once she flew the nest and went to university, convenience food took precedence and her family began to worry about her health with her weight gain visually apparent each time she returned home.

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Jess lost SEVEN stone in just 18 months

As months and years went on, her dress size would go up and up and Jess finally decided enough was enough when in the Boxing Day 2017 sales, size 24 clothes wouldn’t fit and she burst into tears in the changing room with her Mum.

For the next few weeks, Jess spent a lot of time searching for answers online and using social media to find inspiration to change her life for the better.

She came across some Instagram accounts using Slimming World hashtags and found one woman, similar in age, who had a similar starting weight build, and had gone on tolose 7 stone in one year.

This was enough to ignite a spark inside Jess and that night she asked her partner, Nick, if he would join her in attending a local Slimming World group the next day.

Jess is now looking to help others who want to embark on their weightless journey, and has taken up the role of a Slimming World Consultant.

They attended the first session as a couple, but admit they were absolutely terrified by the prospect.

Jess said: "We were warmly greeted by members of staff and were introduced to the consultant at Slimming World, who talked us through the healthy eating plan.

"I have to say we were initially sceptical, in just 20 minutes they explained what we should be eating in order to lose about half a stone in two weeks - it all sounded a bit too good to be true."

But astonishingly, Jess shed 3.5lb (1.58kg) and Nick lost a whole stone, in just one week.

Jess said: "With Slimming World I was suprised about the variety of foods that I could still eat, stuff like spaghetti bolognese and Chinese 'fakeaways', homemade curries and even chips and still lose weight.

"I still enjoy my cuppa with a crunchie in the evenings."

As her dress sizes continued to tumble, Jess scooped several awards in her Slimming World Group, winning "Group's Woman of the Year" twice in succession.

Jess and Nick also won "Couple of the Year" twice, an incredible feat.

Jess has been her dream weight since July and claims the weight loss has completely changed her life.

She said: “I am living life to its fullest, I’m so much more active and fitter and I’m able to do things I would never have dreamed of doing a couple of years ago.

"I am now smaller than I was when I was 16 and I even put my year 11 prom dress back on and it was too big!

"My Dad looked at me like I was standing in my wedding dress, with tears in his eyes, so proud of the woman I’d unveiled after years of having such an unhealthy relationship with food.

"My family have been such an incredible support. I’ve always been such a big fashion lover, and to be able to walk into any shop and pick items off the shelves knowing it will fit just feels absolutely incredible.

"I’m no longer forced online to buy clothes and I no longer feel like I have to wear black!”

Jess is now looking to help others who want to embark on their weightless journey, and has taken up the role of a Slimming World Consultant.

She will be leading a group at Quarrendon and Meadowcroft Community Centre at 5.30pm and 7.30pm on Tuesday October 22.

Jess says “with the combination of the training and my experience of my own personal journey, I am ready and raring to support others in achieving their dreams and goals”.

For more information, call or text Jess on 07407222017