It’s live now! Kickstarter begins for Aylesbury’s £100,000 David Bowie statue

David Bowie. Picture credit and copyright Denis O'Regan PNL-161210-171546001
David Bowie. Picture credit and copyright Denis O'Regan PNL-161210-171546001

The Kickstarter campaign has gone live to raise funds to build a statue of the musical icon, David Bowie under the arches in Market Square.

David Stopps is aiming to raise £100,000 to celebrate the life of one of England’s greatest musicians, and immortalise him in unique work of art in the Arches close to the Market Square.

David Bowie has a very special connection with the Friars club in Aylesbury, referencing the Market Square in Aylesbury in his track ‘Five Years’. This opens arguably one of the most influential and iconic albums of the 20th Century, ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders from Mars.’

The sculptor will be Andrew Sinclair, recognised as a master of world-class figurative sculpture. His previous work graces distinguished historical properties and public places such as the Royal Box at Ascot, Epsom Racecourse, and Crosby Hall.

Why Aylesbury? Bowie played an experimental gig at the Friars club in Aylesbury in September 1971 to see if he could cut it playing live. It was a resounding success and led to him persevering with his new style which as it turns out, ended up pretty well for him.

Depending on how much you pledge, you will receive a gift from Mr Stopps. £10 will get you a certificate of support, donations of £20 will receive a Bowie statue keyfob, £30 or more for a reproduction of the original Bowie Friars Aylesbury double sided newsheet from September 1971 and January 1972.

For those feeling more generous, donations of £75 will receive The Thin White Book especially written by Aylesbury music journalist Kris Needs for this Bowie Statue campaign, and £100 will get you Exclusive Friars Bowie T-Shirt.

A donation of £250 will get your name or company permanently engraved on a plaque to be positioned near to the statue + Limited Edition numbered Reproduction poster of the January 1972 world debut of Ziggy Stardust Friars Aylesbury gig.

Pledge £500 or more and you will recieve a Limited Edition reproduction of the September 1971 Friars Aylesbury poster where Bowie performed the world debut of Hunky Dory + reproduction poster for the January 1972 world debut of Ziggy Stardust Friars Aylesbury gig.

A donation of £1,200 or more and you will receive a beautiful bound, boxed and signed book of the making of the Bowie statue by sculptor Andrew Sinclair including fabulous photographs of the foundry and sculpting process.

2 Best tickets to see Holy Holy playing the Ziggy Stardust album and meet and greet with the members of the band.

Donate £6000 or more and you will receive a Bronze life cast of Bowie’s face as taken from the film ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’. Can be wall of plinth mounted + Four tickets to see Holy Holy play the Ziggy Stardust album live including meet and greet with members of the band. + Dinner with Friars Promoters David & Sue Stopps.

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