Is Aylesbury dual carriageway promise just a cynical attempt to ‘force a bad plan through’?

Editorial image of traffic congestion on the A41 in Aylesbury
Editorial image of traffic congestion on the A41 in Aylesbury

A full dual carriageway link road will join together the A413 Wendover Road and Aston Clinton Road if the Hampden Fields development goes ahead.

But campaigners say that announcement is a cynical move by developers the Hampden Fields Consortium to ‘force a bad plan through’.

The consortium says that its plan for 3,000 homes will bring plenty of gain for residents of Aylesbury, including the new link road, a contribution for £44million towards two new primary schools and £22million towards the provision of a new secondary school.

A spokesman for the Hampden Fields Consortium said: “Unlike many recent housing developments in the district, Hampden Fields will deliver a significant package of new infrastructure, including new strategic highway links, affordable housing, two primary schools, employment space and a new local centre, whilst 50% of the site will be provided as green open space.

“The development will make a major contribution towards meeting the need for housing in the district, is a proposed allocation in the draft Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan and, crucially is a central component of the council’s Garden Town proposals which was supported by the Government in January.”

But Chris Webbley of the Hampden Fields Action group - a group of residents who are strongly against the scheme, said: “This statement only shows that Taylor Wimpey are still trying to force through a new town between Weston Turville, Stoke Mandeville, Aston Clinton and Aylesbury. This despite overwhelming local opposition.

“They appear to have joined forces with BCC and AVDC who want to push through their own scheme at Woodlands which would swallow three villages and cause even more traffic congestion.

The developers are wrong to assert that they’ve answered the Secretary of State’s reasons for refusing the same application just two years ago. No matter how they try to massage the figures, their transport case is flawed.

It contains many, important basic errors. We have been pointing these out for months but they have clearly not been listening.

The claim that road infrastructure will provide relief for Aylesbury road users ignores the significant extra traffic these developments would bring.

“The jams and long delays will be more than just inconvenient: they will lead to the loss of local businesses and deter new employers from choosing Aylesbury, however many new houses are being put up.

Many of the developers’ proposals are based on assumptions, not on sound planning evidence.

Some roads are only ‘aspirational’ (BCC wording) with uncertain funding. The draft Vale Local Plan is still being written. The Garden Town concept has only passed the very earliest stage. These are not strong foundations on which to impose a huge new set of suburbs.

“People should join us in trying to save Aylesbury from these poor plans, weak arguments and questionable figures. The Taylor Wimpey consortium recently increased their lobbying publishing a letter to each AVDC Councillor.

“This suggests that they will soon be pushing the council to let Hampden Fields through. We want readers who share our concerns to express them to our MP, district and county councillors now. Soon it may be too late.”

What do you think of the arguments for and against the development?

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