Iain Duncan Smith pleads with public to stay home as Prime Minister battles Coronavirus

Iain Duncan Smith, who lives in Swanbourne has said 'nobody is above this' as the Prime Minister battles with Coronavirus in intensive care.
Iain Duncan Smith on Sky News this morningIain Duncan Smith on Sky News this morning
Iain Duncan Smith on Sky News this morning

Speaking to Sky News this morning, he said: "The simple message that comes across over the last couple of days to the British people is that the instructions the Government has set out; to stay home, to protect the NHS and to save lives must be obeyed.

"This horrible disease is very real, anybody can get it.

"We've seen the Prime Minister at hospital in an intensive care unit - he's fighting for his life and I pray he will get through it.

"Anybody can get it. The Prime Minister of this Great Nation included. Nobody is above this.

"It's real, the Prime Minister is struggling with Coronavirus now - he's fighting I pray he will come through it

"Please do as you've been asked and stay at home. It gives us all a fighting chance to get through this awful disease."