"I am Lord Buckethead, Imperial Space Lord and ruler of Stoke Mandeville roundabouts!"

You may not know this, but Imperial Space Lord and political candidate hoping to unseat the Prime Minister, 'Lord Buckethead' is an Aylesbury Vale Resident.

Tuesday, 19th November 2019, 12:45 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th November 2019, 3:47 pm
Lord Buckethead shares his thoughts on the upcoming election
Lord Buckethead shares his thoughts on the upcoming election

Lord Buckethead has a rich tradition of standing against incumbent Prime Ministers.

He previously took on Margaret Thatcher in Finchley during the 1987 election and also stood against John Major in 1992.

In 2017 he took on Theresa May in Maidenhead on a mandate of 'strong, not entirely stable, leadership'.

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After a bit of digging, the Bucks Herald discovered that Official Monster Raving Loony Party candidate Lord Buckethead currently resides in the Aylesbury constituency, despite him taking a run at our Current Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Uxbridge and South Ruislip on December 12.

So we spoke to him about the upcoming election, some of his policies and his take on the current political situation in the United Kingdom.

Good morning Lord Buckethead, please could you introduce yourself to our readers?

"I am Lord Buckethead, Imperial Space Lord, Commander of the Woopian Star Fleet, soon to be welcomed as Imperial Galactic Overlord of Earth, First of His Name, ruler of the known universe and quite a bit of the unknown universe as well, except for most – but not all – of the roundabouts in Stoke Mandeville. (The reasons behind this are a long story.)

As you are no doubt aware, I crash landed on Earth in 1984, entering politics for the first time in 1987 when I ran for Prime Minister against Margaret Thatcher."

Your election leaflet lists your home address in the Aylesbury Vale, can you explain your links to Aylesbury Vale?

"I have always had a soft spot for the Waterside Theatre, which has identical architecture to my summer home on the boiling shores of Chthoom, the largest of the sulphur lakes of the planetoid Sloragfax-9."

After you previously ran as an Independent - why have you now aligned yourself with the Official Monster Raving Loony Party?

"When a hung Parliament means that little legislative process can be made, the people rely on coalitions, and when I heard the phrase "coalition of chaos" it had a nice ring to it. And The Official Monster Raving Loony Party seemed like a natural fit, as they seemed to be talking the most sense."

Can you tell us a few of your policies that may appeal to local people?

"Initially we had planned to raze Aylesbury to the ground and convert the Waterside Theatre into the terminal for a new spaceport, which would probably be cheaper and quicker to build than HS2. But after a recent visit to the area, I was lucky enough to meet some of the local humans, and my Zifelcarniloid crew found them to be most delicio – friendly, uh, to visit with. But not to eat. No."

Can you tell us your thoughts on the current political climate in the UK?

"It's a divisive time. I hope to teach people that whatever divides them – political affiliation, Brexit, sporting teams, whether Pluto or not is a planet – there is one thing that unites them: that they will ultimately be crushed when the Imperial forces of Lord Buckethead reach Earth in approximately 1,471 galactic siderial cycles. Wait – it's 1,470 now.

How do you feel about coming up against Lord Binface? A fellow politico with a receptacle for a head?

"The great thing about UK politics is that it's very inclusive, and there will always be room for any number of human parliamentary candidates – and indeed alien beings – wearing refuse-based-receptacles on their heads. And if people choose to run for parliament without a refuse-based receptacale on their head – well, that is merely an illustration of how inclusive UK politics can be.

Do you have a message for Boris Johnson?

"I would say the same thing to Mr Johnson that I would say to anyone else in the Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency: 'Vote Lord Buckethead!'"

Please explain why you are running against Boris Johnson? Will Lord Buckethead always challenge the incumbent Prime Minister?

Absolutely. This is my fourth time running for Parliament against a sitting Prime Minister, and the prospect of "Buckethead versus Mophead" was just too good to resist.

The Uxbridge and South Ruislip election is all set to be a lively one this time around, as Boris Johnson only commands a narrow majority of 5,034 votes. He will be praying Lord Buckethead doesn't do significant damage to that slender majority.

Aside from the face off between the Conservative Party and Labour, there is a secondary gripping battle set to take place, between Lord Buckethead and Count Binface.

Here are the following contestants for the Uxbridge and South Ruslip constituency:

Count Binface, Independent - Lord Buckethead, Monster Raving Looney Party - Norma Burke, Independent - Geoffrey Courtenay, UKIP - Jo Humphreys. Liberal Democrat - Boris Johnson, Conservatives - Mark Kier, Greens - Ali Milani, Labour - Bobby Smith, Independent - William Tobin, Independent - Alfie Utting, Independent and Yace Yogenstein - Independent.