HS2 protesters setup camp in Roald Dahl wood near Aylesbury

A new anti-HS2 protest camp is forming in Jones' Hill Wood between Wendover and Great Missenden.

Friday, 6th March 2020, 4:28 pm

Earlier this week HS2 took possession of the wood and the surrounding farms using compulsory purchase orders.

The author Roald Dahl, who used to live in Great Missenden, is known to have spent time in Jones' Hill Wood and it is said to have inspired him to write The Fantastic Mr Fox.

Speaking on behalf of the protesters as to why they are taking this action, Ross Monaghan said to The Bucks Herald:“A group of environmentally conscious people from around the country were approached by people from the local community who were concerned about losing this piece of ancient woodland that people have used as a resource growing up in this area but also as The Fantastic Mr Fox was based in this woodland .”

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Main Picture: Anti-HS2 protester in Jones Hill Wood. Inset: Campaign poster

Mr Monaghan added: “The plan is to stay as long as we can and sleep up trees!”

Protest camp in Jones Hill Wood
Protesters say they will be sleeping up in the trees in Jones Hill Wood