HS2 - join our campaign to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Today, we are calling for the Government to put an end to HS2 which will cut a swathe through some of our most beloved green spaces and local attractions.

Costs are spiralling out of control – and with an increasing lack of political will for the scheme, we believe that now is the time to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

How dare a scheme which does not benefit anyone in Bucks at all destroy our landmarks, homes and livelihoods – not to mention the years of upheaval while the project is being built, which will snarl up our already congested roads. The jewels in the crown of Aylesbury Vale: Wendover Woods, Coombe Hill, Waddesdon Manor, The Bucks Railway Centre, The Bucks Goat Centre - they are all affected, and the list goes on... The scheme is a waste of taxpayers’ money – it was originally predicted to cost £32.7billion, but now costs have spiralled to a predicted £56 billion and counting.

In 2013 Bucks County Council received £61million every year to provide public services for us. Public services that WE pay for.

Those services include social care, education functions and a host of other things WE the tax payer expects such as grass cutting, pothole repairs, recycling centres and libraries.

But since then the Government’s grant has been slashed year on year - forcing the council to tighten their belts in an unacceptable way. Our public services have suffered as a result.

This year the Government gave Bucks County Council no money at all...

And we are not alone, councils up and down the country are suffering. If HS2 was scrapped, the money could provide a complete reinstatement of 2013 level funding for 918 councils. There are only 418 councils in the country...

That would mean NO council cuts anywhere, and money left over.

David Lidington is our member of Parliament. He currently sits as Theresa May’s right hand man, as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Throughout the HS2 process he has NEVER voted against the scheme. We say this is not good enough, when the impact on his constituents is so devastating.

David Lidington promised that he would resign from his cabinet role, if HS2 got to a certain stage without sufficient mitigation. Many of those affected still feel that they are not receiving a fair deal, yet no resignation is imminent.

HS2 is designed to provide a 30 minutes faster journey from London to Birmingham for a premium fee. It will 
NOT benefit the majority of people, and will definitely NOT benefit the people of Bucks. Why not repurpose the money, and provide essential rail links? In this area we have a train to London which can take more than an hour, and no rail links between Oxford and Milton Keynes. The whole country could benefit from smaller upgrades such as this.

So we need your help - get behind the HS2: Enough Is Enough campaign and help us make a difference. We are prepared to fight hard for you, and with your support we think we CAN make them listen.

In the coming weeks 
we will be putting your 
questions and points about the scheme to those in the know - and lobbying for a change of mind - are YOU with us?

lEmail editorial@bucksherald.co.uk or call the newsdesk on 01296 619718.