HS2 gets notice to proceed here is what our readers had to say...

Today HS2 was handed notice to proceed, despite evidence that the scheme is not needed and in the midst of the covid-19 crisis.

Wednesday, 15th April 2020, 1:08 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th April 2020, 1:10 pm
HS2 campaigners in Steeple Claydon

At a time when the Government is telling everyone to stay indoors and work from home, the Goverment still sees fit to allow HS2 workers into our area to carry on work, at a time when the nation certainly does not need a high speed rail link.

This newspaper has led the HS2, Enough Is Enough Campaign and this morning I put this issue out to members of our Facebook campaign group, to see what they had to say about the matter.

Here is a selection of their views...

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Ruth Catt: "If they start the construction then all is lost.

"I cannot see how you wonderful people that are trying to stop it can carry on in safety.

"Stay safe. I must say that there are a lot of people having to work from home surely this train will be used less as it could be the norm for people to carry on working from home."

Phyllis Hobbs: "Talking to friends up north recently... They feel it’s not needed and so full of corruption.

"It’s a real travesty for the country. Not needed not wanted. It will devastate too many people’s livelihoods. Absolute disgrace!!

Rainbow Russell-Pritchard: "Total waste of money, and devastating for people that are affected, wildlife and nature destroyed for someone to make money!"

Julie Sharman: "This country will be bankrupted by this corruption-led folly.

"If it was such a wonderful business plan why so little, if any, private sector investment?

"We have a world crisis and on a national level we need money to help beat it and safeguard the country, and the Government want to commit our finances into a train set.

"Bloody madness!!!!"

Julia Hales: "If so many people are working from home right now it shows the tech is available so why is the train needed?

"Total waste of money that can be spent getting the country back on its feet after this lockdown."

Hamish Roberts: "We must vote Rob Butler out at the first opportunity.

"That is the only language the Government will understand.

"If they lose all their MP along the route of this stupid folly then that might get them to change their mind. It will never be too late.

"I know many people will say what’s the point, or that we can’t do this unless we have decent opposition, but how does anything change if people do nothing!!"

Steve Pring: "I just have no idea what the Government is thinking.

"I understand they have other things on the agenda like coronavirus, but yesterday, as every day, I watched the daily briefing and the chancellor was saying it's not going to be easy getting out of this.

"We have just ploughed, and rightly so, money in business and some money has gone to NHS and wage support, but we are all going to have to pay this back it's going to take years, let alone money still being ploughed into this fantasy of a train track.

"Yes it would put people out of work, but that's coming anyway. I would not be surprise if the economy isn't already going in melt down yet we keep going on it regardless.

"Not so many years back was it two are three maybe that we finally paid off our World War Two debt.

"Pray tell how long will this take? How many generations."