How The Bucks Herald campaigns for the whole community - and why we are not fake news

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Here at The Bucks Herald we strongly believe in campaigning local journalism and that the people of Aylesbury Vale have the right to know what goes on.

This could be investigating how the extra £1million promised by the government for hospital services will be spent, or telling you when councillors are not doing their jobs properly and have fallen short of the standards you expect. We are here to be your eyes and ears, and your friendly neighbourhood watchdog.

That’s not to say we don’t want to cover all the good news too - Aylesbury Vale is a lovely place to live, we all live here and we love to tell you about all the great things going on.

The Bucks Herald has run a number of campaigns in recent years, and far more than that, has held elected representatives to account at a local level in a way that just wouldn’t interest the national press when they cherry pick the most sensational or shocking stories for their pages and online.

We are quite simply here for you - and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

An example of this is the unending scrutiny we have put on Bucks County Council’s failing children’s services department, and how it could have done more in the past to prevent devastating child sexual exploitation in this area. We have continued to tell you important information about this topic long after the nationals have moved on to the next story.

We also championed David and Sue Stopps David Bowie campaign, giving it a national boost on every single Johnston Press website on the final day in a bid to help push the Kickstarter campaign over its fundraising target.

And what about our ongoing campaign on roads and infrastructure in Aylesbury? Something which just wouldn’t interest anyone other than local people - something we will continue to dig deep on.

So please support your Bucks Herald - we are not fake news, but a helpful friend.