"How much more can I take?" Family's anxiety after council housing advice created knock on effect which has left them facing homelessness

The Truby family
The Truby family

A family are at their wit's end after council housing advice created a knock-on effect which has left them facing homelessness.

The Truby family say they are living in a permanent state of anxiety after the current tenant in the property they were due to move into and have paid for is believed to have taken statutory advice from the Aylesbury Vale District Council that they should stay put, and wait to be evicted in order to qualify for council emergency accommodation.

And mum Laura Truby, who works as a social worker, said that she was given the same advice by the council when their landlord gave notice that they intended to sell their Aylesbury property - but decided not to take it.

And now Laura, pest controller husband Matthew, their daughter Abby 10 and son Ollie, five may have nowhere to live because the tenant at the property they have chosen is refusing to leave.

The family has still not received their rental deposit back, and this potentially puts in jeopardy securing another tenancy before their notice runs out.

Laura said: "My immediate concerns are that of my situation, where are we going to live and how much more can I take? I am worried about how many other people are in my situation - there is a knock on effect to all involved.

"I am also concerned that potentially very vulnerable people are being given this advice from AVDC and they may not fully understand the consequences - and about the consequences and emotional, physical and financial implications for the landlords having to apply to the courts.

"There are consequences on what is already a housing 'crisis' - Private Landlords are already reluctant to accept tenant on housing benefit and the more that the council give this advice, the less landlords will be willing to work with local councils to manage the housing crisis. I don't believe that the council are fully complying with the statutory guidance."

A spokesman for Aylesbury Vale District Council said: “We are sorry to hear that Mrs Truby and her family have been unable to move into the property on the date set by the agents. There is a huge demand for private rented properties and it can cause issues when agents/ landlords arrange a moving in date, before confirming that a property will definitely be vacant.

"Whilst we are unable to comment on individual cases, our housing team have a duty to offer advice and assistance to those at risk of becoming homeless. This includes their legal rights in relation to landlords’ notices to take possession of their accommodation.

"We understand that Mrs Truby is in a difficult situation that she is finding very upsetting and we would urge her to make an appointment to see our housing team as soon as possible, so we can offer her further advice on her options.”