Hobble on the Cobbles cancelled by council

Hobble on the Cobbles 2014 - Crowds in Market Square enjoy Skasouls UK
Hobble on the Cobbles 2014 - Crowds in Market Square enjoy Skasouls UK

The biggest outdoor event in Aylesbury’s calendar has been cancelled due to a logistical mix-up.

Hobble on the Cobbles, which last year saw the likes of Toploader and Skasouls take to the Market Square stage will not return this year.

But Aylesbury Town Council says that it has not gone for good, unless that is what people want.

The decision was made when it was realised that the traditional August Bank Holiday weekend date clashed with the Proms event in Vale park.

The council said it decided it was not viable to hold two events on the same day, sothey say they will host a ‘Parklife’ family festival, which will take place throughout the weekend.

Alison Harrison of the town council said: “We have decided to amalgamate the two and provide a whole weekend of fun for the family. This is not the end of 
Hobble on the Cobbles, it was just about logistics this year. Quite a number of bands have already confirmed, but will announce these at a later date, we want to attract a lot of families to the event and have been listening to feedback on previous years.”

She added: “This is not a decision we have taken lightly, and we don’t want to scrap Hobble on the Cobbles because it is part of the heritage of 
Aylesbury’s music scene, but we have to looks at the logistics, and the value for money for taxpayers.”

The council has admitted that a confirmed headline act has pulled out because of the date change, and would not confirm whether a national touring band would headline the event.

It took over the running of Hobble last year, after a 
long-time organiser Stuart Robb announced that he was to step down to concentrate on other things.

Mike Smith, leader of Aylesbury Town Council, said: “We will have a big stage going up in Vale Park and hope lots of families will come down and enjoy the live music.

“It will still be the Hobble, just without the cobbles. This is not about saving money, there is actually very little difference in the budget this year.”

He added: “It’s all about logistics and the way that the bank holiday falls, it would have been very difficult to do two events, so that’s why the decision has been made.”