Good news for Aylesbury Starbucks fans

The coffee giant has submitted a planning application for a site on the Berryfields estate.
Here's how it could lookHere's how it could look
Here's how it could look

The planning application was submitted on March 5 2021, for the 'Land off Sir Henry Lee Crescent' in Berryfields

Already the application has received a number of objections, with residents suggesting 'We already have two coffeeshops on the estate and don't need anymore'.

They also raised traffic concerns.

The site plan.The site plan.
The site plan.

The site will include a drive through too, for those who want a Starbucks on the go.

The store's address will be Southern Loop Road Aylesbury, HP180WH.

Berryfields Parish Council have raised strong objections to the site.

They said:

This area has been earmarked for developmentThis area has been earmarked for development
This area has been earmarked for development

"The PC is concerned about possible light pollution from this installation.

"It is out of keeping with local residential vernacular and within approximately 10 meters of neighbouring established cottages on A41, and all houses in Exemplar Park.

"The PC has not been consulted in respect of the main build.

"The PC objects on the grounds of light pollution, potential distraction to traffic on A41 and light pollution to close neighbouring properties."

The Berryfields Major Development areaThe Berryfields Major Development area
The Berryfields Major Development area

The current application is for a"Pole sign (Internally Illuminated), Drive Thru directional signage (Internally Illuminated), Menu boards (Internally Illuminated) Exit/ Thank you signs (Internally Illuminated) 'Starbucks' facia signage (Internally Illuminated) 'Siren' Starbucks logo fixed to external cladding to building 'Siren' Starbucks logo fixed to signage blade to exterior of building (Internally Illuminated).

The site will be 2365 square metres.

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