Garage squatters evicted after drug needles and ‘bucket of faeces’ found in Aylesbury street where children play

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Two men have been evicted from a garage after a dad complained about dirty needles and a bucket of human waste close to where his children play.

The father, who this newspaper agreed not to name, spotted the drug paraphernalia close to his home in Argyle Avenue, Aylesbury, and contacted the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust (VAHT), and the district council.

He said: “This used to be such a nice area, and we moved here because of the green spaces for the children to play. All of the children play out here, and my son helps me to take out the bins which is right where these needles were found. A child wouldn’t know what it was and might pick it up.”

The final straw for the family of seven came when the man’s wife spotted a bucket containing human faeces in their wheelie bin.

The father said: “It was disgusting, and she was ill after cleaning it up, but she felt she had to do it because it couldn’t stay in the bin over Christmas.

He added: “If people want to take drugs that is their business, but they should at least not do it near to people’s houses and clear up after themselves.”

A spokesman for the VAHT said: “We were recently made aware that a garage belonging to the VAHT had been broken into.

“One of the Trust’s garage managers evicted two males from the garage on Tuesday. Drugs paraphernalia has been found onsite.

“The local police attended the scene and the drugs unit was made aware of the situation. The trust will continue to work with the police during the investigation. We take these issues extremely seriously and as soon as we are made aware if a problem, which falls under our responsibility, we work quickly and efficiently with our partners to rectify the problem.”