Fewer people cycling in Aylesbury Vale

The number of people who cycle at least once a week in Aylesbury Vale has almost halved, figures show.

Thursday, 1st August 2019, 2:26 pm
Bicycle parking in London. PNL-190108-132034001
Bicycle parking in London. PNL-190108-132034001

The Department for Transport has just released the results of an annual survey, which reveals how often people cycle in England.

In Aylesbury Vale there were 626 respondents, who answered questions about their travel habits between November 2017 and November 2018.

Of those, nine per cent said they cycled at least once a week, a 41 per cent decrease on the previous 12 months.

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This is below the England average of 11 per cent.

Campaigners have called for improvements to cycling infrastructure to get more people out on bikes.

Out of Aylesbury Vale’s respondents, five per cent were keen cyclists and used their bike at least three times a week.

The survey found cycling for leisure was more popular than for travel, with six 
per cent of people cycling at least once a week for fun, while four per cent commuted by bike.

Aylesbury Vale has a lower proportion of cyclists than the South East does on average.

Xavier Brice, chief executive of Sustrans, the walking and cycling charity, said: “Much more needs to be done overall to increase cycling across the nation.

“Evidence shows when dedicated space for riding a cycle is provided, an increase in cycling levels will follow.

“The government has a responsibility to make active travel easier, safer, and more appealing than driving for short journeys, and this can only be achieved through large scale investment in walking and cycling infrastructure.”