Fears over traffic plan for the ‘suicide corner’

The road, with date of crash annotations
The road, with date of crash annotations

Re-submitted plans for a crematorium in Bierton are set to be discussed by council planners this week.

But the plans have prompted fears from landowners that a dangerous road junction will see further traffic at a bend they refer to as ‘suicide corner’.

BCC Cllr Phil Gomm

BCC Cllr Phil Gomm

Councillor Phil Gomm, who also owns land close to the site, said: “We are all amazed and appalled that at the junction of Rowsham Road and Cane End Lane onto the A418, the Highways Department have not recommended that this 
junction should be controlled with traffic lights to protect all drivers from possible collision on this very fast road.

“Most using Rowsham Road would, if possible avoid using this end where the crematorium is going to go 
because of the gamble you take with your life coming out onto the A418.

“The risk is due to speeding vehicles, and crashes happen within split seconds.”

And Mr Gomm criticised plans in the documents, which would include bollards being placed at the halfway point along the Rowsham Road.

He said: “So now we have traffic that will enter 
Rowsham Road because their sat nav takes them that way or they just ignore the advisory ‘no through road’, get so far and have to turn around, creating more congestion and danger back out onto the A418.”

The new crematoruim would be run by the Amersham Crematorium Consortium which includes the district council.

A second crematorium in Watermead, which would be run by the Westerleigh group has already been approved by the council.

Despite concerns from residents and the parish council, the firm says that building work will begin 
within the next few months.