Fat? Why not freeze it off?!

The fat freezing treatment
The fat freezing treatment

Have you heard of cryolipolysis? No, we hadn’t either.

But experts at a Princes Risborough clinic believe that the system, which effectively freezes your flabby bits is the future of weight loss.

Aurora Clinics has recently invested in the device, which will be unveiled at a grand opening evening on October 28.

Adrian Richards, a plastic surgeon and director of Aurora, said: “This new technology is proven to reduce fat on some parts of the body which are common areas of concern for many people.

“I believe the fact that it is relatively quick, painless, scar free and does not require the use of needles means it will be an option that some people will prefer to other treatment-based weight loss methods such as liposuction.

“Myself and the team at Aurora Skin Clinics pride ourselves on continually researching and offering the latest treatments which offer the best results and care experiences for our patients.”

Unlike liposuction, the 
cryolipolysis machine is said to be able to trim excess weight from areas such as the belly, inner thighs and upper arms without the use of needles or anaesthetics.

Following a 60 minute ‘warm-up session’ which involves pressing a hand held applicator to the skin to warm up unwanted fat before 
freezing it to a minus nine degrees Celsius, the clinic claims that patients will begin to notice the difference.

The launch starts at 4pm and is free to attend.

To find out more go to www.aurora-skin-clinics.co.uk or call on 01844 211777