EDL march in Aylesbury: All you need to know

The EDL during their last visit to Aylesbury in 2010
The EDL during their last visit to Aylesbury in 2010

On Saturday far right group the English Defence League will march in Aylesbury.

The march starts at around 1pm, and police say that the majority of EDL members will be coached in from outside the town.

Starting in Walton Street close to the Aylesbury Police Station, the group will then walk through Market Square, and up to Kingsbury where they will hold speeches.

The event, which will be heavily policed, is expected to end at 3pm.

A counter protest by Unite Against Fascism is planned and will meet in Market Square close to HSBC bank.

Olly Wright local police commander for Aylesbury Vale said that his force is well prepared to ensure that the event passes without incident.

He said: “Generally speaking recent EDL protests have not been as big as in the past.

“We have engaged with the organisers and they have said they want it to be a peaceful event, they have engaged in the process.

“Because of the experience that we have had with other events of this kind our sense is that the risk of disorder is relatively low.

“We think that the people of Aylesbury should be able to carry on with business as usual.”