Editor's column: Why it's so important to vote in the general election

Ballot boxBallot box
Ballot box
On Thursday we go to the polls and the nation will decide who will be our next Prime Minister, and what kind of Government we want to lead the country at a very important time in our history.

And that’s an important task, and even though some readers might feel that there’s no real party that fully aligns with their world view this time, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cast your vote.

Because the principle of having a vote and having a say is so important, and it not something that we have always enjoyed.

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As a woman, I am always minded to think of the suffragette movement when I head to the polling station, and how not that long ago women didn’t even get a say at this most fundamental level, let alone get to be editors of newspapers.

So I’m grateful for the chance to tick that box, even if the tick I choose doesn’t result in the outcome I desire.

That tick is a sign of progress, a sign of equality and a sign of a democracy in action - and all of those things are not a given.

So please vote, and even if your favourite doesn't win it's all about taking part, also, you can’t moan about the result if you didn’t join in!

Have a great week, and if you are at a loss come polling day, just think of the suffragettes and what they went through to be in your shoes.

Hayley O’Keeffe - editor