Editor’s column: A weekend of great events - and a Halloween conundrum

Waddesdon Manor Spooky Sprint for Parkinsons. Runners before the start of the Family Fun Run. PNL-171021-214415009
Waddesdon Manor Spooky Sprint for Parkinsons. Runners before the start of the Family Fun Run. PNL-171021-214415009

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending some very cool events here in Aylesbury. 
The first was a very packed Diwali celebration in the town centre - which - despite being held inside due to fears of bad weather was a feast of great food, great community spirit and some nice stalls too. The insence sticks are making my home smell absolutely lovely so thanks so much! A shout out to Poonam from Holy Cow Home who made it all happen - what a lovely event.

And then later that day we headed off to Waddesdon Manor to cheer on our good friend Mike - who took part in the Spooky Sprint 5k run for Parkinsons UK.

This event too was threatened by fears of bad weather - but it didn’t put off the masses from putting on their most fiendish Halloween costumes and taking part for the good cause. Congratulations to all who took part - and to the charity and organisers for putting on such a great fun event!

Over a celebratory drink in the pub afterwards I may have agreed to take part with Mike in next year’s event - going to have to think about what costume to wear.

And as Halloween approaches I guess that is the conundrum for a lot of us - especially those of us who have an event or party to attend.

All year I’ve been threatening to dress as one, if not all of the band Kiss - but now that there are only mere days to go I feel I may have missed the getting organised boat! I’d love to see some of your creative Halloween costumes - if you’d like to email pictures to hayley.okeeffe@jpress.co.uk I’ll make a gallery in next week’s paper! The spookier the better!

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

This week this newspaper has been on a fact checking mission - to dispell some myths and provide some useful information about the plans for the RAF Halton site.

If you can think of a topic that you would like us to look at in this way for a future in-depth feature then please get in touch - we are your newspaper afterall, and want to be covering the issues you care about the most!

And until next week - Happy Halloween if you like that kind of thing - and happy extra hour in bed on Sunday - something we can all get behind!

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