Did you see mysterious flying object in the skies above Aylesbury Vale?

STOCK IMAGE: Did you see the strange object in the sky on Sunday?
STOCK IMAGE: Did you see the strange object in the sky on Sunday?

A mysterious flying object, which was not a helicopter, a plane, a hot air balloon or even a bird has been spotted in the skies above Aylesbury Vale.

The spotter, a well respected pillar of the community, who we have agreed not to name, was getting ready to make dinner on Sunday when she saw the ball in the sky above Halton.

She said: “We have lived here for years and I’m very used to big things going over the house, we are on the Heathrow flight path, and close to RAF Halton and Chequers.

“But I’ve never seen anything like this before, my husband is ex army and I know quite a lot about the armed forces too, it was very strange.”

She added: “It was as big as a football in the sky from where we were, but I’m not sure how far away it was from us.

“It was quite a deep orange colour, but that could have been because it was picking up the reflection of the sun which was low in the sky.

“When it had moved all the way around our house it flew off towards Bedfordshire, in the direction of Leighton Buzzard.”

The Bucks Herald reader says that she called the police about the sighting as well as RAF Halton who said that the object was nothing to do with them.

This newspaper is currently awaiting a response from RAF High Wycombe, to see if it is from there.

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